msswift16 asked:

What style/colour guitars do you want to see on tour/played by Taylor this era? I'm really hoping sparkles (from Our Song video) makes a comeback!

taylorswiftstylequestions answered:

Oh this is a fun question! It would definitely be cool to see Sparks make a comeback but I doubt Taylor is going to be devoting a spot on the setlist to “Our Song” when the fifth album comes out. It’s going to be a really competitive list and she’ll obviously be devoting most of the setlist to songs from 1989, plus the Shelltin songs from RED (WANEGBT, IKYWT and 22) and then maybe “Love Story”. 

I’m kind of expecting bright/neon colours and maybe a keytar! Haha. Maybe she’ll bring out the synthesizer she played the remixed version of “Love Story” on while out on tour?